The Barricade Flash Premium System

The Perfect Combination

Flash Premium System

The Barricade Flash Premium butyl-rubber based system combines our Flash Premium and Flash Flex Products.

This combination provides our highest-performance system for protecting windows and doors from moisture intrusion.

This premium system intercepts and directs the flow of water to drainage paths to prevent water from penetrating the building at these vulnerable points. Our premium flashing system has self-healing properties to stop leaks around fasteners that may later be driven through the adhesive.


  • Provides a permanent, flexible, weatherproof seal
  • UV inhibitors protects the flashing for up to 365 days
  • Easy to handle and apply peel-and-stick adhesive strip eliminates fasting with nails or staples
  • Wide application temperature range (0°F - 165°F)
  • Barricade Flex conforms easily around radius and corners
  • Butyl-rubber sealant provides maximum protection from water intrusion
  • Outstanding adhesion to all surfaces, including wood and steel
  • Slow-acting adhesive allows repositioning during installation
  • Environmentally friendly — Free of asphalts, VOC’s or solvents
  • Exceeds all current AAMA 711 and AC148 standards

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