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Barricade® Wrap PlusTM Drainage Wrap

High-Performance Drainable House Wrap

Product Benefits

  • Perfectly designed for stucco, stone veneer, and EIFS When a primary layer of felt paper or paper-backed wire lath is properly installed over the surface of Barricade® Wrap Plus Drainage, a “bond break” is created and thus dramatically improves and enhances the drainage properties of the stucco system.
  • Breathable Membrane If moisture gets trapped in the walls, it can destroy the integrity of your insulation. Our unique, micro-porous, “breathable” membrane allows moisture vapor to pass through without becoming trapped in the wall cavity to provide the utmost in air and moisture control.
  • High Performance Control High level of air and moisture control
  • Resists Bulk Water Resists water penetration from wind-driven rain and other sources
  • Surfactant Resistance Not affected by pressure washing, job site chemicals or sugars from tree sap and wood sidings.
  • UV Resistance Barricade’s special ultraviolet stabilizers protect it from the sun’s harsh rays. In fact, Wrap Plus Drainage is protected against UV rays for up to 9 months.
  • Translucent for Easier Installation Wrap Plus Drainage is translucent. When installed over the sheathing can see through it, making framing members easy to find.

Product Specifications


  • Non-perforated, Non-woven Polyolefin with a Non-Directional Drainage Pattern


  • 18 US Perms


  • 60″ x 200′
  • 108″ x 100′
  • 108″ x 150′
  • 120″ x 100′
  • 120″ x 150′

Drainage Efficiency

  • ASTM 2273 – Pass

UV Exposure

  • 9 Months


  • 10-Year Limited System Warranty

How can we help you?

Complete the form below, and we will follow up with you as soon as possible. If you’re a small contractor, please visit your local dealer to request Barricade. If you’re a homeowner, please visit our Amazon Storefront: we are unable to respond to individual homeowners.

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