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90% of leakage problems occur at the transitions between building envelope components, such as windows, doors, and other through-the-wall penetrations, although these transitions comprise only one percent of the envelope’s area. Barricade’s peel and stick window and door flashing products intercept and direct the flow of water to designed drainage paths to prevent water from penetrating building structures. Each of these products provide a permanent, flexible, weatherproof seal, free from VOCs, and solvents.

Barricade - Flash Ulti Butyl Flashing Tape

Barricade® Flash Ulti™

Premium Butyl Rubber Window & Door Flashing Tape

Barricade Flash Conform Flexible Flashing

Barricade® Flash Conform™

Flexible Window & Door Flashing Tape

Barricade® Flash Extreme™

Extreme Cold Weather Window & Door Flashing Tape

Barricade® Flash Right™

Asphalt Based Window & Door Flashing Tape

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