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Paneling products that lighten the load

At Barricade® Building Products, our job is to make your job easier. That’s why we’ve engineered our Thermo-Brace line of structural sheathing systems to let modular construction manufacturers and panelizers do more with less. Each sheet is three times lighter than OSB, requires less labor to install, and gives you pricing stability when you’re quoting projects up to a year in advance. Let us take the weight off your shoulders with structural sheathing systems that perform.

Barricade® Lightweight 3-in-1 Structural Sheathing System

Looking for something lighter, easier to install yet just as strong as OSB? Our Thermo-Brace® fiberboard sheathing gets the job done with maximum protection. The 3-in-1 solution provides structural strength, a dual-sided weather-resistant barrier (WRB), and air barrier protection. Overlap the panels or pair it with and Interior Board, Barricade Seam Tape, and Door & Window Flashing to protect your panels from the threats of bad weather, transportation mishaps, and raising and lowering on-site.

House Wrap, Seam Tape and Flashing

Thermo-Brace® Reversible Structural Insulative Board Sheathing System

Give your building the durability and insulation it deserves with Thermo-Brace® S.I.B – the industry’s first reversible structural sheathing solution, available in R-3 and R-5 thickness. S.I.B. protects against weather and mold, and offers thermal resistance. Even better, it’s less than half the weight of OSB, which decreases your install time, material, and labor costs. For ultimate system protection, combine it with Interior Board, Barricade Seam Tape, Synthetic Roofing Underlayment, and Door & Window Flashing to create a powerful moisture barrier.

Thermo-Brace® Reversible Structural Insulative Board Sheathing System

Barricade® High-Performance Building Wrap System

Prefer building wrap over sheathing? We recommend our most popular building wrap, Barricade® Building Wrap Plus LP. This translucent, non-woven, weather-resistant barrier (WRB) protects against UV rays, bulk water, surfactants and more. Match it with Barricade Seam Tape and Interior Board to create a powerful barrier for your units, protecting them all the way from the manufacturing plant to job site installation.

Barricade House Wrap System with Interior Board

Structural Sheathing

Our line of Thermo-Brace structural sheathing offers a lightweight alternative to OSB—reducing labor and material costs.

Barricade - Flashing Tape - Flash - Conform

Window & Door Flashing

Our peel-and-stick flashing products are designed to intercept and redirect the flow of water away from your building, creating a permanent, flexible seal.

Construction Seam Tape

Give your envelope a second line of defense with Barricade® Seam Tape, designed to seal gaps, cracks and crevices where moisture and air can seep in.

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