In this webinar, Darcy Overby, National Sales Manager, and Michael Rehman, Sales Representative, discuss the impacts that rising lumber costs have on builders during the coronavirus pandemic. With cost increases driving up the average construction costs of new homes, builders have begun searching for sheathing alternatives. But, these alternatives must meet the same building requirements as OSB, and at a more affordable rate. Watch the video, as building envelope material experts discuss structural sheathing alternatives, and how Barricade® Thermo-Brace® saves builders time and money. Listen in, as they discuss the lightweight capabilities of Barricade Thermo-Brace® and how it competes as a reliable plywood and OSB alternative with its easy installation and its steady market pricing.

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Darcy Overby, National Sales Manager
Barricade Building Products
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Michael Rehman, VP of Sales & Marketing
The Rehman Group
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Barricade Building Products manufactures building envelope systems in Doswell, Virginia outside Richmond. The range of systems includes one of the widest portfolios available: House Wraps, including Drainable Wrap and Digitally Printed House Wrap, Structural Sheathing or Structural Insulative Board, along with Interior Board, Construction Tapes, Window & Door Flashing, Synthetic Roof Underlayment, and Floor Underlayment. Specific systems are covered by a 10-year system warranty.

Barricade Building Products is a member of INDEVCO North America Building Products Division. Barricade® is an INDEVCO North America brand.