There are an abundance of siding options for builders to choose from these days.  Wood siding is one of the most popular types of siding, and for good reason. It is by far the most beautiful kind of siding in the eyes of many, and siding manufacturers go out of their way to create other types of siding materials that resemble wood so that they will appeal to more people.

Not only that, but wood is usually more cost-effective, depending on what kind you install. It’s also much easier to install, meaning the average builder can complete wood siding projects quickly, saving on additional labor costs.

In addition to being both beautiful and easier to install, wood siding also happens to be incredibly easy to replace. Your clients can rest assured that if damages to the exterior arise, for example, if there were a severe storm, they could make small replacements without having to redo the entire side of the house.

If that wasn’t enough, wood siding can be stained or painted almost any kind of color, giving you a ton of artistic freedom when it comes to the siding. And to top it all off, wood siding is the best option for anyone that is trying extra hard to be environmentally conscious.

However, even with all these great benefits, there are some drawbacks to wood siding. Take, for instance, the fact that it still leaves the interior of the walls vulnerable to moisture buildup. Even with the highest quality wood siding, there are still small cracks and openings near windows and doors, which will let moisture accumulate in cavities of the walls over time.

Let’s take a deeper look at how you can set your clients up with a good investment by installing the best house wrap for wood siding and preventing some of the potentially horrific consequences of moisture buildup within the walls of your homes.

A Good House Wrap Can Prevent a Bad Situation

You might not have realized this before, but many homes that builders construct end up with mold growing in the walls. Especially if a house wrap hasn’t been installed, there’s a good chance that moisture will intrude and create the ideal conditions for mold growth in the walls over time. For the unlucky few living in these homes who are affected by mold, however, the results can be terrifying.

On the lowest level, mold might not affect the occupants of the home you’ve built at all, or it might only cause some minor sinus issues for elderly and small children living there. If it grows to dangerous levels, though, it can lead to worse problems like infections, asthma attacks, and even neurological problems. The worst part is the occupants won’t notice it until they see the symptoms and correctly diagnose where they came from.

Barricade® R-Wrap® is the Best House Wrap for Wood Siding

Since we know the culprit of mold growth is moisture buildup, it’s obvious that it needs to be prevented whenever possible in a new home. The most effective way to stop outside moisture from leaking into wall cavities is with Barricade® R-Wrap®.

This is a premium, high-perm house wrap that features the absolute highest level of moisture and air control. It is made from a breathable and microporous membrane that lets moisture vapor pass through without trapping it inside the wall cavity. This membrane works better at controlling moisture and air in walls than even a perforated house wrap does.

Barricade R-Wrap has proven itself as reliable as other popular house wrap brands like Tyvek® and is excellent at resisting bulk water from wind-driven rain. It’s also surfactant resistant and won’t be affected by chemicals or sugars from siding, or by pressure washing.

This house wrap can stand up to the UV rays of the sun for up to 9 months thanks to its special ultraviolet stabilizers. It’s also translucent, making it much easier to install than other wraps because you can see right through it and find the framing members with ease.

These qualities make Barricade R-Wrap the best house wrap for wood siding, hands down. If you are building homes with wood siding, make sure your clients are covered and contact Barricade today to speak with a professional.