Barricade® Building Wrap is a superb house wrap for steel-sided buildings and homes.  Barricade® Building Wrap will effectively protect wall systems of steel-sided structures against moisture accumulation from condensation or water infiltration.

For years, commercial and industrial buildings have utilized steel siding. However, as homeowners discover the advantages of steel siding, a growing number of siding manufacturers are now making steel siding for residential use with a greater variety of colors and designs.

The Advantages of Steel Siding

  • Steel siding is environmentally friendly because it does not emit harmful chemicals or pollution and it can be made from recycled steel.
  • Steel siding is low maintenance because it does not need to be repainted or re-stained.
  • Steel siding is durable and resistant to insects and sharp temperature swings
  • Steel siding is exceptionally resistant to high winds and the impact of flying objects.
  • Steel siding is fire-resistant.
  • Steel siding itself is waterproof; however, the product is susceptible to allowing moisture intrusion into the wall system through condensation and water infiltration.

Steel-Sided Buildings Require a Weather-Resistant Barrier


A high-quality weather-resistant barrier (WRB) is essential to controlling condensation and moisture infiltration in steel-sided structures. Controlling condensation and moisture infiltration is vital to maintaining the thermal performance of the insulation system within these buildings and homes.

Furthermore, the moisture can damage finished materials and deteriorate the metal components, such as the steel siding, structural connections, and metal wall framing. Moisture within the wall system of a steel-sided structure may also result in mold and mildew, which can cause wood rot and is unhealthy to the residents of a building or home. A high-quality WRB is needed to control moisture intrusion to the wall system of steel-sided structures.

What Causes Condensation and Moisture Infiltration in Steel-Sided Buildings

Condensation occurs when warm air, either from the inside or outside of the steel-sided structure, travels towards the cooler interior wall system. Condensation in the wall system also occurs when water vapor flows from a space with a higher concentration of moisture towards an area of lower concentration.

Finally, condensation may occur on the wall elements (windows, curtain wall, or metal framing components) if they are not adequately separated or insulated from the wall system.

Moisture infiltration into the wall system of a steel-sided structure may occur because large panels are used to assemble steel siding, which means water can enter through the cracks where the pieces join.

It is vital for steel-sided buildings to include a WRB. A WRB can ensure water, from either condensation or infiltration, will not build up in the wall assembly. Furthermore, the WRB must meet the 2018 International Building Code (IBC 1402.2) requirements of a WRB for water-resistance and vapor permeability. It must also achieve the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) for water resistance (IRC R703.1.1).

Controlling Moisture in the Wall System of Steel Sided Building with Barricade® Building Wrap


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Controlling moisture in the wall assembly of a steel-sided building or vertical metal home siding requires a balance between preventing water from entering a wall assembly through condensation and leaks, yet allowing moisture that accumulates within the wall system to escape. It is essential with steel-sided buildings to apply a high-quality WRB, like Barricade® Building Wrap.

Barricade® Building Wrap is water-resistant and can control unwanted moisture intrusion. Barricade® Building Wraps are also permeable, so if moisture gets into the wall system, it will evaporate away from the wall system.

The best protection against condensation and moisture infiltration into the wall system of a steel-sided building is the application of a high-quality house wrap that meets and exceeds the requirements of the IBC 1402.2 and IRC R703.1.1 for weather-resistant barriers, like Barricade® Building Wrap. Preventing the inward flow of moisture through steel siding, while still allowing the outward transfer of moisture trapped in a wall system, requires a permeable WRB like Barricade® Building Wrap.

In addition to vapor permeability, Barricade® Building Wrap provides water and air resistance, UV resistance, tear strength, and temperature resistance.

  • Water Resistance – Three tests measure a house wrap’s water resistance. ASTM D779 (boat test), CCMC 07102 (pond test), and AATCC Test Method 127. Barricade® Building Wrap passes all these tests.
  • Air Resistance – Barricade® Building Wrap as an air barrier product is per IRC Section N1102.4.1 and IECC Section 402.4 and 502.4.
  • UV Inhibitors – Barricade® Building Wrap can hold up against four months of UV-exposure without damage occurring.
  • Tear Strength – Barricade® Building Wrap has a tear-stop design with excellent strength.
  • Temperature Resistance – AC38 Section 3.3.4.

It is essential for a steel-sided structure to include a high-quality WRB, like Barricade® Building Wrap. Barricade® Building Wrap can protect the wall assembly of a steel-sided building or home from an accumulation of moisture from either condensation or water infiltration. Preventing moisture in the wall system is critical since it can damage the integrity of the structure and harm the health of the occupants.