Are You Using the Right House Wrap?

Building solutions that guarantee higher quality at a lower cost

How Builders Choose House Wrap

1. Which has the lowest cost?

Many builders think all house wrap is basically the same, so they look for the option with the lowest cost. Lower-cost wraps are made in foreign countries by simply punching holes in a material. Builders who buy these products are gambling that they won’t have a costly failure.

2. What brand do I recognize?

Some builders choose to pay a premium for a house wrap with a brand name that will be hidden behind the cladding.

3. I'll just choose Tyvek®.

Tyvek is an excellent choice for builders who value performance and are willing to pay a premium. Our Barricade Plus Wrap not only exceeds building code requirements but has been tested against Tyvek and outperforms it in many critical areas at a lower cost.

Economy builder-grade house wrap, produced in our Virginia plant, ensuring high-quality control standards.

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High-performance, non-perforated, non-woven, permeable membrane that is comparable to TyvekⓇ or TyparⓇ.

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