Barricade® Wrap Plus

Non-perforated for the highest level of air and moisture control


A high-performance, non-perforated, non-woven, permeable membrane. Building wraps made of non-perforated membranes offer the highest level of performance against wind, air and moisture.

Barricade Wrap Plus is made of a micro-porous, breathable membrane that allows moisture vapor to pass through and won’t trap moisture in the wall cavity. This breathable membrane provides a higher level of air and moisture control than a perforated wrap.


  • Resists Bulk Water Resists water penetration from wind-driven rain and other sources.
  • Stops Solar Vapor Drive Limits incoming moisture while allowing unwanted moisture to escape the wall cavity. This prevents the moisture from inward solar vapor drive from damaging the wall cavity.
  • Surfactant Resistance Not affected by pressure washing, job site chemicals or sugars from tree sap and wood sidings.
  • Superior Strength Its non-perforated, non-woven polyolefin composition gives Barricade Wrap Plus superior strength.
  • UV Resistance Barricade’s special ultraviolet stabilizers protect it from the sun’s harsh rays. In fact, Barricade Wrap Plus is protected against UV rays for up to 9 months.
  • Semi-transparent Semi-transparent Barricade Wrap Plus can be installed right over the sheathing and because you can see through it, it makes framing members easy to find.
  • Wind and Tear Resistance Heavy winds pose a threat to house wrap during installation. With its tear-resistant design, Barricade Wrap Plus is one of the most durable wraps around.
  • Recognized as an Air Barrier Compliant with IRC and IBC as an air barrier.

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Barricade vs. Tyvek: Tear Resistance

The higher the tensile strength, the more tear resistant the house wrap. On a windy day, Tyvek HomeWrap can easily be torn and blown off the wall. When installed properly, Barricade Wrap Plus will not blow off.

Barricade vs. Tyvek: Air Penetration Resistance

Blocking exterior wind and air from entering the house is one of the most important jobs a house wrap does. This saves energy and improves comfort by making the home less drafty. Barricade Wrap Plus has 50% greater air penetration resistance than Tyvek, making it harder for exterior wind and air to enter the house.

Barricade vs. Tyvek: Water Penetration Resistance

Blocking moisture from sources such as wind-driven rain is another important house wrap feature. The water penetration resistance test measures a house wrap’s ability to resist liquid water without leaking for five hours under hydrostatic pressure.

Barricade vs. Tyvek: UV Protection

Builders don’t want their production schedules to be dictated by how quickly they have to cover a house wrap with exterior cladding. Barricade Wrap Plus gives them the time they need. It’s protected from the damaging effects of UV rays for up to 9 months – that’s 5 months longer than Tyvek!

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