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Barricade® UDL ProTM

Premium Grade Synthetic Roof Underlayment

Product Benefits

  • Non-skid coating on the underside provides great traction.
  • Cool gray surface Up to 30 degrees cooler than black underlayments.
  • 14% more coverage Per lap (48-inch width compared to 42-inch synthetics).
  • 33% more coverage Per lap (48-inch width compared to 36-inch felt).
  • Ease of Installation Lies flat and doesn’t wrinkle.
  • Faster Installation 48-inch width means faster installation and savings on labor costs
  • UV Resistance Barricade’s special ultraviolet stabilizers protect it from the sun’s harsh rays for up to 180 days
  • Water Resistance Protection against water elements, ensuring a strong, protective, and reliable installation
  • Code Compliant ASTM D226 I & II, ASTM D4869 II & IV as well as Florida code under listing #16453-R5.

Product Specifications

Shipping Options

  • 5 square rolls weigh 12 lbs per roll
  • 10 square rolls weigh 23 lbs per roll

Standard Sizes

  • Roll Width: 48″
  • Roll Length: 125′ and 250′

UV Exposure

  • Up to 180 days

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