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Barricade® Thermo-Brace® Guard

Structural Continuous Corner

Introducing: Thermo-Brace® GUARD

Patent-pending Barricade Thermo-Brace GUARD is an energy-efficient, structural sheathing that wraps around the corner of a structure, creating a complete enclosure that joins two separate walls into one continuous unit, while providing structural, WRB, and AIB benefits. Thermo-Brace GUARD stops air leaks and moisture penetration at corners and eliminates the need for corner flashing, saving time and money for builders, architects, contractors, and homeowners.

Product Benefits

  • Only Wrappable Structural Panel (Patent Pending)
  • Replaces need to flash corners
  • Stops air leaks and moisture penetration at corners
  • Easy install with nail markings labeled on panel
  • Easier installation of windows, siding and flashing
  • Maintains a better thermal break over the studs
  • Hinge feature on panel allowing easy installation
  • 32” Wings on each side to hit two studs
  • Lays Flat during shipment
  • Three grades available: Green, Red, and Blue

Product Specifications


  • High quality, long fibered, specially treated water- and weather-resistant plies.

Technical Certifications

  • Green TER 1507-07
  • Red TER 1507-08
  • Blue TER 1507-09


  • 65” x 96”
  • 65″ x 108″
  • 65” x 120”
  • Custom Lengths Available

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