Builders need to stay on top of industry changes. Whether that’s keeping track of new products or learning new methods for installation, making sure that you know what the most up to date info is can go a long way toward keeping your own work relevant.

One way to get the latest info is by following industry blogs. Lumber dealers and other providers can often offer insights you might not see elsewhere.

Check out these 21 lumber dealer blogs to stay up to date on the most relevant parts of your field.

American Lumber


American Lumbar Blog


Hamburg, NY


American Lumber has been a part of the hardwood lumber industry for more than 50 years. While they primarily deal in hardwoods like oak, ash, cherry, maple, and walnut, they also carry exotic hardwoods as well.

Follow their blog for information about specific materials like Basswood, as well as information on industry-related topics like the importance of industrial hardwoods.

Baillie Lumber Co.



Leitchfield, KY


Founded in 1923, Baillie is an international hardwood supplier. They carry a wide range of domestic hardwoods from basswood to red cedar and will ship to anywhere in the world.

Follow their blog for specific information on wood species like beech and Spanish cedar, as well as things like FSC controlled wood. They also offer industry relevant tips for businesses, such as boosting customer loyalty.

Christmas Lumber Company


Christmas Lumbar Blog


Harriman, TN


Established in 1926, Christmas Lumber in Harriman, TN is a locally owned family business. They offer not only siding and finish lumber, but also a variety of windows and doors, as well as materials for decks and docks.

Their blog is easy to navigate, broken into categories such as build material, tools, hardware, moldings, and more. You’ll find a wealth of material for reading such as selecting the right materials for a job or establishing a better relationship with your clients.

Contract Lumber, Inc.


Contract Lumbar Blog


Pataskala, OH


Contract Lumber in Ohio offers a range of packages and services for builders. With multiple distribution centers, they are able to supply lumber and materials for finishing the exterior and interior of the home.

Their blog offers a comprehensive look at the lumber industry, as well as the building industry as a whole. They feature posts on topics such as labor shortages and the housing market, so you can stay up to date on a variety of relevant topics.

Country Lumber, Inc.


Country Lumbar Blog


Becker, MN


With a comprehensive design center and showroom, Country Lumber offers builders a range of services and solutions. Lumber, trusses, millwork, decking, windows, door, and more, Country Lumber is a one-stop solution for finishing home interiors and exteriors.

Their blog features specific materials, tools, and companies for an in-depth look that will benefit professionals. You’ll get a lot of information on items that can assist you in your work.

Evanston Lumber


Evanston Lumber Blog


Evanston, IL


From conception and design to sales and support, Evanston Lumber offers it all. They cover all areas building material supply from lumber to finishing. With a display and sales center, they can also offer unique opportunities for builders and homeowners to work together to achieve their goals.

Their blog offers a mixture of articles and helpful hints and tips that builders can use in their own areas of the industry. This includes things like energy savings and restoration as well as material information.

Franklin Building Supply


Franklin Lumbar Bloga


Boise, ID


While some showrooms are for homeowner benefit, Franklin Building Supply puts their emphasis on the builder, and what can make your job easier. They offer specific resources and services just for builders, as well as a range of building materials and products.

Their blog discusses very specific topics such as metal roofing, soundproofing, and composites. You’ll learn a lot that you can use to further your own business.

Friedman’s Home Improvement


Friedmans Lumbar Blog


Santa Rosa, CA


Friedman’s Home Improvement strives to be a valuable, contributing part of their community. They are a full-service lumber and home improvement supply store open 7 days a week, 364 days a year. They offer a full range of products for all areas of the home and have a dedicated team that can assist anyone who enters.

Their blog is a friendly, helpful site that details community events, as well as tips and tricks that can help improve properties.

Iverson’s Lumber Company, Inc.



Highland, MI


Iverson’s Lumber stocks more than 10,000 different products from lumber to windows and doors. They are a full-service lumber company, offering a range of quality materials for builders who need them. They offer fast delivery, as well as design services and estimates, so jobs can get done fast and right.

Their blog has tips that cater to everyone involved in the home improvement process. This includes makeover ideas for homeowners, as well as in-depth looks at materials and sales techniques for builders.

J. Gibson McIlvain Company


McIlvin Blog



White Marsh, MD


Gibson McIlvain specializes in quality wood and lumber products. They carry everything you’ll need for completing everything from decks to millwork. This includes a range of both domestic and tropical hardwoods. Their site is set up to handle views from specialty builders, such as boat or dock contractors, as well as home builders.

Their site also contains an exceptionally informative blog aimed at builders. You’ll learn about different hardwoods, as well as potential considerations and concerns that you could encounter on the job.

Kamco Supply Corp.


Kamco Supply Corp Blog



New York, NY


Kamco Supply Corp is a one-stop shop for all building materials and products you’ll need to complete a job. Located in Greater NYC, and meeting the needs of the populace since 1939, Kamco offers a full range of products from structural supports to lumber, insulation, and flooring.

Their site also features product news, where you can keep up to date on the latest information on the materials you use each day. Whenever something is introduced, changed, or recalled, you’ll read about it here.

Kaufman Lumber Co.


Kaufman Lumber Co Blog


Little Rock, AR


Kaufman Lumber is a full-service lumber dealer that also offers a range of windows, doors, and millwork. They also carry a selection of designer home decor and finishing materials for both homeowners and builders.

Their blog gives a comprehensive look at all angles of the home improvement industry. You’ll find information on finding the right materials, as well as information about the materials themselves.

Lampert Yards


Lampert Yards Blog


St. Paul, MN


With more than 100 years of serving the needs of the building industry in their area, Lampert Lumber has everything you’ll want to complete your next project. While they started as a lumber company, they now also offer a wide range of services, including other building materials and design as well.

Follow their blog for a wide variety of topics such as maintenance, sales, and material information.

Marcus Lumber Co


Marcus Lumber Co Blog


Marcus, IA


Marcus lumber not only carries a full range of interior and exterior lumber and home building materials, but they also have a full online store as well. You’ll get quality service and fast delivery on everything you need to complete your next build or remodeling project.

The news section of their blog offers information on sales, materials, and other relevant happenings that can impact you and your work.

Oswald Wholesale Lumber



Leesville, SC


Working to serve the Southeast with competitive pricing since 1972, Oswald Wholesale Lumber carries a complete line of building materials. In addition to lumber, you’ll find sheetrock, beams, and shingles. They work to meet the needs of every customer, no matter what those needs are.

Their blog is an extremely informative look at the materials and practices used in the industry each day. From faults in lumber to an in-depth look at newer materials, you can learn a lot from this source.

Parr Lumber


Parr Lumber Blog


Hillsboro, OR


Parr Lumber is one of the best run contractor sales companies in the northwest. They cater to contractors, remodelers, and DIY homeowners who need the best quality materials to complete their projects. Parr Lumber carries a complete line of materials ranging from lumber to decking and millwork.

Their photo-filled blog has a variety of relevant topics to read, including inspiration and ideas for homeowners, as well as material information for builders.

Ring’s End

Darien, CT


Ring’s End is a family owned and operated company serving Connecticut and New York. They carry a full range of building supplies and materials for every area of the home inside to out. In addition to lumber and building supplies, they also have a complete kitchen and bath showroom as well.

Their blog is broken into categories such as products and industry news. You’ll find many relevant topics here that can assist you in your work.

Riverhead Building Supply


Riverhead Blog


Long Island, NY


Riverhead Building Supply carries everything you could possibly need for your next project. They’re a comprehensive one-stop service for all building supplies and services. This includes design as well as exceptional products and materials.

Their blog is aimed at builders, contractors, and DIY homeowners who want to learn more about projects and the materials that they’ll need to complete them.

Rustic Woods Lumber Co.

Boise, ID


Rustic Lumber in Boise, Idaho offers some unique products not found at general lumber stores. This includes things like reclaimed lumber taken from previously used sources and given new life for rustic-style projects.

Their blog offers tips on things like staining and caring for materials like cedar, that can be helpful to builders and homeowners alike.

Shone Lumber

Newark, DE


Shone Lumber is a full-service lumber dealer that carries everything you need to complete a home build or renovation project. This includes not only building materials and supplies but also high-quality finishing and design services as well.

Their blog offers helpful hints and articles on things like maintenance and preventing damage to surfaces that can aid both builders and homeowners.

TW Perry Inc.




Gaithersburg, MD


With more than 100 years of serving the needs of builders and homeowners in their community, TW Perry gets it right. They offer not only a full range of lumber and building materials, but they also have a convenient online checkout as well.

Their website also features a photo gallery, news, articles, and ideas that you can use to learn more about the products and features you work with each day.

Stay Informed with Lumber Dealer Blogs

Staying relevant in your field can be the difference between continuing to grow your business or not. Stay informed by following these 21 lumber dealer blogs to make sure that you’re keeping up to date with what’s going on in your industry.