Barricade®, an INDEVCO North America brand, will highlight certified 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 sheathing products that are not tied to raw material and market fluctuations.

Richmond, Virginia, January 29, 2021 – At this year’s virtual NAHB International Builder Show, Barricade Building Products will address market needs for alternatives to high-priced OSB and exterior insulation products.

From February 9-12 during IBSx 2021 Virtual Experience, Barricade will emphasize the certified performance of Thermo-Brace lightweight structural sheathing and Thermo-Brace S.I.B. structural insulative board. Barricade developed the latter in partnership with BASF, using Neopor GPS graphite polystyrene rigid foam insulation.

At its industrial complex north of Richmond in Doswell, Virginia, Barricade Building Products manufactures sheathing and other building envelope system products for national distribution. Geoff Baldwin, President of INDEVCO North America Building Products Division, explains, “We’re focused on innovating lighter weight, safer, and healthier products that help builders meet the needs of consumers for energy-efficient homes that reduce costs and impact the environment.”

Thermo-Brace Lightweight Sheathing as an OSB Replacement

Barricade Thermo-Brace, a 3-in-1 sheathing, offers stable raw material pricing, significantly less weight, moisture impenetrability, and ease of use. These qualities offer faster installation and reduced labor costs for builders.

Mike Fields, Barricade Vice President of Sales, explains, “Thermo-Brace is recognized by the International Residential Code to have a higher shear value level than OSB testing standards. In addition, we’ve designed this sheathing to be water-resistant and lightweight for easy carry and install, whether on-site or in a modular construction facility.”

Besides the standard 4×8 feet sheet size, Thermo-Brace sheathing also comes in a unique 48 ¾ inch width for overlapping sheets, which eliminates the need for House Wrap. Custom lengths range up to 12’ to reduce waste and trim time.

Thermo-Brace S.I.B. Sheathing for Steel Stud Modular Construction

Barricade Thermo-Brace S.I.B., a 4-in-1 reversible structural insulative sheathing, has an additional energy-efficient insulative barrier comprised of BASF Neopor® GPS insulative foam. Thermo-Brace S.I.B. offers a tight, secure install for modular builders and panelizers who rely on lightweight, high-performance material.

Darcy Overby, Barricade Sales Manager, notes, “The unique thing is that Thermo-Brace S.I.B. is reversible, unlike any other sheathing product available. And both sides can be applied to steel stud applications.”

Easy-to-install Thermo-Brace S.I.B. saves installation time and costs and protects against external elements. Multi-functional design reduces labor and material costs, resulting in efficient and manageable projects. The outside weather-resistant barrier (WRB) layers of Thermo-Brace S.I.B. prevent water, moisture vapor, and mold and eliminate the need for additional outside protection.

Homeowners will experience energy savings with an indoor air quality seal when homes have Thermo-Brace S.I.B. installed. The inner foam layer resists conductive and convective heat flow with its long-term thermal resistance.


Builders, modular construction companies, panelizers, and lumber and building material (LBM) distributors can find additional information about Barricade’s complete Building Envelope System and system warranties at Barricade’s virtual IBSx 2021 booth.

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Barricade Building Products manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of Building Envelope System products with a 10-year system warranty in Doswell, Virginia outside Richmond. The system includes Structural Sheathing, Structural Insulative Board, Construction Seam Tapes, House Wrap, including Drainable Wrap and Digitally-Printed House Wrap, Window and Door Flashing, Roof Underlayment, Floor Underlayment, and Interior Board.

Barricade Building Products is a member of INDEVCO North America, Inc. Building Products Division. Barricade® is an INDEVCO North America brand.

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