Facebook is more than a way to stay connected to friends and family, it’s also a great way to reach potential clients. When you create a Facebook page for your business, you gain the ability to interact with people in your community in a new way.

Rather than waiting to be found by random clients, you can continuously put yourself right in front of your ideal customers. You can also build a relationship with potential clients long before they actually hire you for a job.

When a potential client sees your name, pictures, funny stories, and how-to advice on a regular basis, they begin to feel a connection. So, when the time comes to hire a builder, you’re the one that comes to mind. These Facebook advertising ideas can help you gain new clients and leverage your existing relationships, all without needing to leave your office.

Build a Solid Presence

Loera Home Builders Facebook Post

It’s not enough to have a Facebook page, you also have to use it and update it frequently. This means posting a minimum of three to four times a week.

Posting can be something as simple as a comment on the weather in your area and how it affects your business or, it can be as complex as a how-to post on installing your own toilet. People want to follow pages that will offer them something, so the more you post, the more people will feel you have something to contribute.


One of the keys to successful Facebook advertising for businesses is the ability to interact with people. Whether you pay to take out an ad, or you simply have a frequently updated business page, it’s the interaction with people that’s important.

Take the time to address people’s comments and concerns. Ask questions in your posts and when people answer, respond to them. Don’t be pushy and don’t monopolize the conversation, just make sure that you’re constantly interacting with people. And if someone wants a follow up, then make sure you follow through. This is what will help build trust with your potential clients.

Show Off Your Portfolio

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Every building professional has a portfolio of successfully completed jobs. Facebook is the ideal place to post some of those images to show off your work.

Make sure you keep things relevant. Post exterior shots in the spring to encourage people to work on their homes. Post interior shots in the fall and make some comments about getting ready for the upcoming holidays and the visitors people will receive.

Images and photos are very powerful tools and most people will follow you simply to get inspiration for their own projects. If you’ve completed something recently that you’re particularly proud of, show it off on Facebook and advertise the quality of work you do.

Be an Active Community Member


Advertising can take on many forms. As long as you’re getting your name and business out there in a positive way, then it’s helping you build your business.

One way you can do this is to be an active participant in your community events. Mention community days, charitable events, and other upcoming actions on your Facebook page. Not only will this good publicity often be reciprocated, bringing more people to your page, but it lets people see you in a positive light.

Highlight Deals

Do you offer any deals or discounts? Maybe you have a referral program or you’re offering a special on materials or certain jobs. Putting these kinds of things on your Facebook page is free publicity. Make sure that the post is shareable and encourage your followers to let friends and family know about it, as well.

The more deals you share, the more people will start to consider the timing of their next project, and they may potentially move it up to hire you.

Educate Your Clients

People want quality content in their Facebook feed. One way you can offer this is through education.

This can take many forms. You can post short how-to DIY videos or articles, share industry news, dispel rumors, answer frequently asked questions, or post helpful tips. The more use people find for your posts, the more they’ll keep checking in, and the more your business name stays at the front of their mind.

Get Personal

Too often, business pages get seen as sort of a robot voice. Change people’s perceptions and let them know that your company is made up of people who have values and ideas similar to their own.

Post things like the history of your company, your weekend plans, or highlight some of the outstanding members of your business. Let clients get to see the faces behind the page and the business, so they’re more likely to want to reach out when the time comes.

Advertise with Facebook

Having a business page on Facebook is an effective means of advertising for your business. It takes just a few minutes a few times a week to update and can pay off in dividends. Make sure you’re taking advantage of your business page to get more out of this popular social media.