With so many people tied to their phones, tablets, and computers, one of the easiest ways to reach new clients today is through the use of social media. Many builders have accounts on popular social media networks such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, and many others have blogs. But are you using these sites to your best advantage to engage with and attract potential clients?

Social media is only as useful as you make it. What you post and how often you do so can have a tremendous impact on how clients view you and how often they reach out. By posting frequently to social media sites, you can help ensure that you’re reaching your target audience.

Posting often isn’t enough, though; you also need to pay attention to what it is you’re posting. Making engaging content will make more people want to follow your page and will, therefore, help bring you more clients in the future.

  1. Be Informative

Posting photos of beautiful spaces is one way to attract attention. Whether it’s your own work, or someone else’s, one of the best things you can do to engage with your clients is to be informative. Make sure that you list some of the relevant details of the photo, such as who makes the fixtures, what the wood species is, where the furniture is from, and other details that clients may want to know. This, in turn, will make clients want to keep coming back to your site because they know that you’re going to offer them the information they’re looking for.

  1. Be Relevant

What do your clients want the most? Why do most people in your area want to build or renovate? Reach out to those people with the answers. For example, if most people renovate to increase their property value, then be direct t with your expertise in this area, and what you can offer. Most clients appreciate a direct approach.

  1. Get Specific

People may know that you’re a builder, but they may not realize exactly what that entails, or what it is that you can offer to them. So, be specific. Every so often, include a photo of a single area that you cover in your business. Let people know that you cover this particular niche, and then list the other areas that you cover, as well. By being specific, you take the guesswork out of things and help your clients get to know your work better.

  1. Show the Progress

Everyone loves a good before and after shot, but what’s often more interesting and eye-catching is the progress shot. Show off your work as you’re doing it. Many clients want to know exactly what’s going to happen to their home. When they see you working, they can feel reassured about what may take place if they hire you.

  1. Give Them Something to Do

People like to feel as though they are a part of something. Polls, votes, and other types of input help social media followers feel as though they are involved. For that reason, they’re more likely to want to check back again to see the final results. If you make these types of posts shareable, many people will also reach out to others to get their reactions, as well.

  1. Hook Them In

If you use your social media to also promote your blog, then make sure that you include some very eye-catching “hooks” to pull people in. Many people love to get information, especially when that information is broken down into simple steps, such as buying a home, renovating a kitchen, or refinishing their furniture.

  1. Keep Them Coming Back

Offering variations on a theme every month, such as a tip of the month, home of the month, or project of the month, can be a fun way to keep people tuning in. If you reliably post a variation on the same theme on the same day of each month, people will know what to expect from you and they will be more likely to keep tuning in to find out more. Make sure that what you are posting is relevant and helpful, and keep the variations coming so people find a lot to offer in your posts.

Engage Your Clients

Making sure that you continue to post engaging, relevant content on your social media sites will also help make sure that your clients keep you in their feed. Getting a like or a follow is only half the battle; you have to keep yourself in front of their eyes on a regular basis and keep them reading or clicking through to help encourage conversion. Use these tips to help post better content on your social media sites to get better results across the board.