No matter what kind of siding you choose for your building, its main function is to protect the vulnerable materials beneath it from outside influences like wind, rain, and sun exposure.

Even the highest quality siding cannot stop every drop of water from creeping in behind it. Unfortunately, this is a fact that many builders tend to ignore. Because the damage done by moisture is invisible to the eye unless you peel back your siding, many don’t catch it before it’s too late.

This negligence can lead to serious financial and health consequences down the line and can end up cutting into your profits big time, as well as endangering the health of the occupants. Thankfully, there are ways you can prevent water moisture from entering and becoming trapped behind the siding of your buildings.

Every Type of Siding is Vulnerable to Water Damage

While siding is designed to keep most of the moisture that it will be exposed to out of your building, it cannot prevent every last drop. This is because there are always small cracks and openings near windows, doors, and other spots that will allow tiny bits of moisture to seep in.

It’s important to prevent any and all moisture from getting behind your siding because even a little bit will add up over time and cause major issues beneath your siding. If any water gets in it will begin to warp and weaken the wood framing.

This is particularly dangerous because it can lead to mold growth, which is a big threat to the health of any occupants inside. Unchecked mold growth can do serious damage to the lungs of your occupants and even lead to neurological problems or death if not treated soon enough.

Preventing Water Damage Behind Siding Takes a Layered Approach

Preventing water damage behind siding takes a layered approach, both literally and figuratively. The common methods for achieving this involves a combination of proper flashing, trim, caulking, and layering of sheeting. This will usually keep your building safe for a while, but without additional help, water will eventually make its way beneath your siding and wreak havoc.

Barricade Wrap Plus is the Best Way of Preventing Water Damage Behind Siding


Barricade Wrap Plus House Wrap


Using a house wrap like the kind offered by Barricade is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to preventing water damage behind siding. Barricade Wrap Plus is a non-perforated, microporous, and breathable membrane that will allow moisture vapor to pass through without trapping inside the wall cavity.

It stops moisture coming in from solar vapor drive while letting unwanted moisture escape of the cavity of your walls. It also resists the penetration of water from rain-driven wind as well as other sources.

The non-woven, permeable membrane of Barricade Wrap Plus is made from polyolefin, giving it superior strength and durability. It’s also surfactant resistant and will not be affected by job site chemicals, pressure washing, or even sugars from wood sidings and tree sap. This house wrap is also able to resist UV rays for as many as 9 months and is translucent enough for you to easily find framing members behind it.

Barricade Wrap Plus is recognized as an official air barrier by the IBC and IRC. It features a design which is tear-resistant and able to withstand very heavy winds.

Prevent Water Damage Behind Siding

Barricade House Wraps have proven to be incredibly efficient in keeping out unwanted moisture from behind your siding and preventing the wide variety of ill effects that it can bring. Don’t wait until the occupants of your buildings are suffering from mold inhalation or your walls are rotting to do something about unwanted moisture.

With a high-quality house wrap like Barricade Wrap Plus, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve taken every measure you can to keep the walls behind your siding safe from any and all types of moisture that might seep in over time.