Barricade® Wrap

American Made Builder-Grade House Wrap


While we consider this our builder-grade wrap, Barricade Wrap has been designed and manufactured to a higher standard than many builder-grade wraps produced outside of the United States.

  • Perforations designed for maximum performance. We don’t just punch holes in the material – our perforations have been designed with the angle, size, and direction that offer maximum performance.
  • Superior strength. Barricade Wrap is made of a cross-woven polyolefin material known for its superior strength and tear resistance.
  • UV resistance. Special ultraviolet stabilizers allow Barricade Wrap to be exposed for up to 12 months.
  • Semi-transparent. Installers can see through Barricade Wrap to easily locate the framing members, which makes for a faster and more accurate installation.
  • Wind resistant. The tear-stop design of our material prevents the wrap from being damaged by heavy winds.

How Builders Can Benefit

Better Protection, Better Reliability

With Barricade Wrap, we've eliminated the associated risks and quality issues you would normally face with imported solutions.

Better Cost Efficiency

We offer name-brand quality with lower overhead, reducing your costs while providing you with the same high-quality product.

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