Halo® Exterra®

Perfectly Designed for Exterior Applications

Product Benefits

  • Halo® GPS (graphite polystyrene) delivers a long-termR-5 per nominal inch*
  • Continuous GPS insulation creates a thermal break
  • Perforated laminate allows vapor to escape the wall assembly
  • It’s breathable — walls stay dry and healthy
  • Built-in water-resistive barrier**
  • Water is kept to the exterior

*Thermal performance claim based on a thickness of 1-1/16”.
** When seams, fasteners and edges are taped and/or sealed (see the Halo® Installation Guide).

Product Specifications

Board Size

4 ft x 8 ft
1230mm x 2460mm

Board Thickness

.563”, .625”, 1.0”, 1.5”, 2.0”
14mm, 16mm, 26mm, 38mm, 52mm”


R-5 per nominal inch
(based on thickness of 1-1/16”)

Compressive Strength psi (KPA)

10 (70)

Additional thicknesses may be offered regionally.

Custom thicknesses and compressive strengths are available upon request.

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