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Barricade® Flash ConformTM

Flexible Window & Door Flashing Tape

Product Benefits

Flash Conform is a premium, flexible, semi-rigid flashing used for tough applications. Thick but flexible, conform stretches around corners without making cuts or seams that could potentially allow water intrusion.

  • Provides a permanent, flexible, weatherproof seal
  • Easy to handle and apply peel-and-stick adhesive strip eliminates fasting with nails or staples
  • Barricade Conform seals easily around radii and corners because of its stretchability
  • Butyl-rubber sealant provides maximum protection from water intrusion
  • Outstanding adhesion to all surfaces, including wood and steel
  • Slow-acting adhesive allows repositioning during installation
  • Environmentally friendly — Free of asphalts, VOC’s or solvents

Meets Key Standards

  • AAMA 711 and AC148

Product Specifications


  • Polyolefin film backing, butyl-based adhesive, polyethylene liner

Application Temperature Range

  • 40°F–180°F

Roll Length

  • 75′

Roll Widths

  • 6″
  • 8″

UV Exposure

  • Up to 365 days


  • 10-Year Limited System Warranty

How can we help you?

Complete the form below, and we will follow up with you as soon as possible. If you’re a small contractor, please visit your local dealer to request Barricade. If you’re a homeowner, please visit our Amazon Storefront: we are unable to respond to individual homeowners.

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