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Barricade® Digitally-Printed House Wrap

Increase Brand Awareness with High-Resolution Graphics & Custom Messaging

Digital Print Layout Examples

Redefine House Wrap

House Wrap should be more than just weather barrier protection. It should be a chance to maximize the impact of your brand with the messaging that matters most. Take complete creative control, and totally redefine house wrap with options you’ve never had before.

Product Benefits

  • Millions of High Resolution Color Options and gradients give your brand the biggest impact on the local community.
  • Display Your Messaging, Your Way with a combination of graphics and messaging that’s large enough to read from a distance.
  • Save Money with Digital Print There are no set-up or plate fees, making custom print house wrap even more accessible to builders.
  • Protect the Environment using a sustainable digital printing solution that eliminates print plates and reduces ink and water waste when compared to flexographic printing.

Product Specifications


  • All grades of house wrap

Roll Sizes

  • House Wrap
    • 108″ x 100′
    • 108″ x 150′
    • 108″ x 195′
    • 120″ x 100′
    • 120″ x 150′
    • 120″ x 195′
  • Drainage Wrap
    • 108″ x 100′
    • 108″ x 150′
    • 120″ x 100′
    • 120″ x 150′

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