Structural Sheathing

OSB and ZIP System are Adding Unnecessary Costs to Your Homes

Costly and Heavy Sheathing is No Longer Necessary

Builders are under pressure to reduce costs to keep their homes affordable and maintain a healthy profit margin.

  • The cost of materials and especially lumber is rising.
  • The cost and availability of labor is also challenging builders.

Thermo-Brace: The Cost-Saving Sheathing

  1. Costs Less
  2. Lighter and Easier to Handle, Cut, and Install
  3. Includes Air and Moisture Barrier on Both Sides
  4. More Stable Pricing

Barricade Thermo-Brace is a lightweight structural sheathing that meets or exceeds building codes while lowering costs for builders.

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New Structural Insulated Sheathing. Sheathing + Air and Moisture Barrier + Insulation all in one cost and labor saving product.

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