Peel and stick house wraps, also called self-adhered or self-adhesive house wraps, are air and vapor barriers used in both commercial and residential construction. Many of today’s peel and stick house wraps have been around for decades with little improvements or performance modifications.

One advantage to self-adhesive, peel and stick house wraps is it has a uniform surface due to factory set thickness dimensions. Another benefit is that the application of peel and stick house wrap does not require fastening and taping, which are areas of potential air leakage in commercial and house wraps.

However, peel and stick house wraps do have three problems or issues that can diminish their performance.

Application Problems with Peel and Stick House Wrap

Application of peel and stick house wrap is time-consuming. Most peel and stick house wraps require applying a primer to the substrate so that the house wrap will properly adhere to the wall. Application of the primer takes hours of prep work, equipment (sprayer or rollers), and drying time (one to four hours).

Proper application of peel and stick house wrap is critical to its adhesion and long-term performance. The substrate must be clean and dry for strong adhesion of the house wrap. If the peel and stick house wrap comes in contact with dirt or moisture, it is prone to separate from the substrate. Unfortunately, areas where the wrap separates from the substrate, can cause adjacent spaces to separate and ultimately lead to large-scale failure of the peel and stick house wrap.

To ensure a firm bond between the house wrap to the substrate, it is vital that the installers roll the membrane and remove any bumps, which adds more time to the application process.

Avoid Peel and Stick House Wrap Problems with Barricade® Wrap

Barricade® Wrap is a high-quality, perforated, cross-woven polyolefin house wrap with superior durability and strength. Importantly, because of its ease of application and durability, Barricade® Wrap combats many of the problems with peel and stick house wrap.

Ease of Installation of Barricade® Wrap

Barricade® Wrap is easy to install, which eliminates many of the application problems associated with self-adhering house wrap. Barricade® Wrap is semi-transparent and allows a clear view of the studs and sheathing surface during installation. Barricade® Wrap is also easy to handle, lightweight, and comes in many widths and lengths that can fit the needs of any building project.

Damage to the house wrap during the installation is lessened with Barricade® Wrap because it is easy to handle and apply. Barricade® Wrap also resists tearing and ripping during installation due to its superior tear strength.

Tensile Strength: Two tests measure a material’s strength or resistance to tearing: ASTM D5034 and ASTM D882.

UV Stabilizers Protect Barricade House Wraps from the Sun’s Harsh Rays

Contractors that choose Barricade house wraps over peel and stick will minimize problems due to UV exposure.

A Better Alternative to Self-Adhesive House Wraps

The performance of self-adhering house wrap can diminish due to application problems and exposure to UV rays and extreme temperatures. These problems reduce peel and stick house wrap’s resistance to air and moisture, along with its permeability. Barricade® Building Wraps combat these problems due to their ease of installation and superb UV and temperature resistance.